Roseland Park in Woodstock CT is in the midst of a renaissance.  The lakeside Park is operated by the Trustees of the Bowen Family Trust, independent of any town, state or government support.  Over the past decade, the Trustees have endeavored to return this 300-acre local gem to its previous luster.  In 2014, the dynamic duo of Rick and Dawna Harless were hired to manage the property and help raise funds to ensure its survival for future generations.  They have done a tremendous job bringing the Park back to life, but a major challenge has arisen.

The 2017-2018 gypsy moth invasion of the Quiet Corner devastated a number of large trees at Roseland Park.  These dead and dying trees now pose a safety hazard to park visitors, in addition to looking unsightly.

Before this happened, the Harless’s focused on fixing up the grounds and saving the historic barn onsite. The restored and renovated barn is now available for receptions, corporate events, and educational venues.  Rentals of the barn and other facilities generate some of the funds needed for the daily operation, upkeep, equipment upgrades and capital improvements. In 2018, for the first time this century, the Park was headed towards a positive cash flow.

Gypsy moths have weakened and killed many trees in the park

Gypsy moths have weakened and killed many trees in the park

Unfortunately, Mother Nature was lying in wait to dash this hard work.  Now, all the money raised in 2018 will have to be spent to remove the moth-damaged trees.  In addition, in order to keep the park looking inviting, new trees will need to be planted. These trees will be selected for their resistance to pests, growth rate, and aesthetics. 

Since 1876, Roseland Park has welcomed hundreds and thousands of visitors of all ages.  We all have a vested interest in helping to keep the Park accessible and inviting, now and in the future.  Anyone interested in maintaining and preserving the Park for everyone's enjoyment is invited to help the Park deal with this new challenge.   

100% of funds collected will be used for the tree project.  If donations exceed the cost of that project, remaining funds will be used to replace the leaking roof on the beach house.   

 The Park always welcomes direct donations of any amount, and also maintains a list of “needs and wants.” Checks can be made payable to Trustees of Roseland Park, and mailed to 205 Roseland Park Road, Woodstock CT 06281. Since the park is a 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax deductible as allowed by state and federal law.       


205 Roseland Park Road
Woodstock, CT 06281

March 15 - November 30 Hours: 
7 AM - Sunset
December 1 - March 14 Hours: 
8 AM - Sunset